Welcome. View the new trailer by Ross Karre for "george WASHINGTON" by Roger Reynolds, a symphonic vision, not experimental.

The video can also be viewed on vimeo.

"george WASHINGTON" was premiered by the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center in DC 3, 4, 5 October 2013.
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"Can we actually understand each other, accommodate each other? … the lack of capacity to accommodate has to be related to the lack of capacity to understand, to try to understand." – Roger Reynolds

From "What was George Washington thinking?" – an interview by Jim Chute for The San Diego Union-Tribune, 22 September 2013



During the past few years, Reynolds has been examining the thinking of Edgard Varèse on the subject of musical space
(actual and metaphoric). Reflecting intensive research at the Sacher Foundation, two extended papers have resulted.
The first of these is in the current issue of Perspectives of New Music (Volume 51, Number 1, Winter 2013):
“The Last Word Is Imagination: A Study of the Spatial Aspects of Varèse’s Work”

: Reynolds will be teaching a composition seminar for undergraduate composers at the University of California's Washington Center in the Nation's Capital during the Winter of 2014. For information: http://www.ucdc.edu/academic/special-programs/arts-focus-quarter