VIEW THE TRAILER (3’45”) for PASSAGE 9, an intermedia lecture event presented by Roger Reynolds, premiered on 13 March 2013.
Videography by Kyle Johnson.

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NEW Updated 22 February 2015

FLiGHT, now in its initial stages, is a collaboration with JACK Quartet, Videographer Ross Karre, and Computer Musician Paul Hembree. Its first sections, centering on the Imagining movement, will be previewed at a joint Reynolds-JACK residency at James Madison University's 34th Contemporary Music Festival, and at the National Gallery of Art during February and March of 2015. See early trailer by Ross Karre. If you are interested in becoming an individual or institutional partner in the FLiGHT Project along with James Madison University, the National Gallery of Art, and The Phillips Collection, please contact JACK Quartet's Executive Director John Pickford Richards.

The 8 February 2015 NGA concert is the first of a set of 10 events that comprise the 66th American Music Festival: Personal Visions, for which Reynolds is the guest curator. The Festival features composers from Nancarrow, DeLio, Ung, Felder, and Thomas to Sorey, Dresser, Oliveros, Applebaum, Zorn, as well as performers Claire Chase, JACK Quartet, Gabriela Díaz, Eric Huebner, and Third Coast Percussion.

Reynolds was Composer-in-Residence for Stephen Drury’s yearly epic: Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice (SICPP) at Boston’s New England Conservatory, 13-21 June 2014. Reynolds’s music was featured on evening concerts, and he worked with Festival musicians in rehearsals, met with attending composers, and performed himself Resonant Combinations by Robert Ashley. SICPP

During the past few years, Reynolds has been examining the thinking of Edgard Varèse on the subject of musical space
(actual and metaphoric). Reflecting intensive research at the Sacher Foundation, two extended papers have resulted. Part I was published in Perspectives of New Music (Volume 51, Number 1, Winter 2013): “The Last Word Is Imagination: A Study of the Spatial Aspects of Varèse’s Work”. Part II – that treats the Visual evidence, including Varèse's paintings – is forthcoming in the print edition of Leonardo (with the expanded text with all illustrations online).

View the trailer by Ross Karre for "george WASHINGTON" by Roger Reynolds, a symphonic vision, not experimental.

The video can also be viewed on vimeo.

"george WASHINGTON" was premiered by the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center in DC 3, 4, 5 October 2013.
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