Updated 26 July 2017


Epigram and Evolution (1960) 9'
Solo Piano
First performance: 4 March 1961
ONCE Festival, Ann Arbor, Robert Ashley, Piano

Fantasy for Pianist (1964) 19'
Solo Piano
First performance: 26 September 1965
Warsaw Autumn Festival, John Tilbury, Piano

imagE/piano & imAge/piano (2007-2008) 2' and 4'
Solo Piano
First performance [imagE/piano]: 8 December 2007
Eric Huebner, Piano
Chelsea Art Museum, New York City
First performance [imAge/piano]: 20 May 2008
Eric Huebner, Piano
Tenri Cultural Institute, New York City
May be performed separately. EP68224a (imagE) & EP68224b (imAge)

2 Pianos, 2 Percussion,
Quadraphonic computer generated sound

OPPOrTuniTy (2012)
Solo Piano
Margaret Leng Tan, Pianist/Voice
First performance: 9 September 2012
National Gallery of Art, East Building Atrium
Washington, DC
commissioned by the John Cage Cennenial Festival Washington, DC

Piano Etudes, Book I: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (complete) (2010-11)
1. Barrages
2. Alternation
3. Web
4. Mercurial
5. Persistence
6. Fixities
Solo Piano
First Performance: 11 April 2014
Eric Huebner, Stephen Gosling, Steven Beck, Pianists
(multiple performances of individual etudes)
Barge Music/Talea
New York City
Commissioned by the Fromm Music Foundation

Traces (1968) 23'30"
Piano, Fl, Vc, Real-time signal processing, 6-channel electroacoustic sound,
Live electronic processing
First performance: 15 December 1968
Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York
Yuji Takahashi, Piano, Robert Cram, Flute, Marijke Verbene, Cello
(Center for Creative and Performing Arts, University at Buffalo - SUNY )

Variation (1988) 22'
Solo Piano
First performance: 3 December 1991
Aleck Karis, Piano
Merkin Concert Hall, New York
Written under the auspices of The Banff Centre for the Arts