Roger Reynolds: New Music For Piano(s) (Vinyl)

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Fantasy for Piano
by Roger Reynolds

Other composers on the recording:
Iannis Xenakis, Yuji Takahashi, and Earle Brown

Liner notes by Roger Reynolds

Primary Artist: Yuji Takahashi, Piano

Label: Mainstream MS/5000

Dates of recording: ca. 1971

Original Recording Engineer: Johnny Cue

During the 1960s, Takahashi became known in Europe through his identification with Xenakis. His phenomenal dexterity and interpretative clarity drew many composers to him (Takemitsu and Gunther Schuller among them). Composer Earle Brown curated a few remarkable discs for Mainstream. Yuji had been performing my Fantasy for Pianist, and, when given the opportunity to make this record, included it. It was composed in Paris, and was the first work I wrote after leaving Ann Arbor.

Roger Reynolds