Roger Reynolds: Modern cHoral music (Vinyl)

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Blind Men
by Roger Reynolds

Other composers on the recording:
Jack Beeson
Karl Kohn
Solomon Pimsleur

Liner notes by Roger Reynolds

Primary Artist(s): The Peabody Concert Singers and Chamber Ensemble.
Gregg Smith, Conductor

Label: Composer Recordings. Inc, CRI SD 241

Recording: David Hancock


I had been at Tanglewood as a student in 1962, where I renewed contact with Roberto Gerhard. Four years later, I was invited back and received my first Fromm Commission to compose a work for chorus and instruments. I had been immersed in Melville's work and took, as a text here, fragmentary observations about Egypt from his Journey Up the Straights. Several Years later, conductor Gregg Smith was teaching at the Peabody Conservatory. He programmed Blind Men there and decided to record it.

Roger Reynolds